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upcycle water bottles:Beijing Youth Daily, Beiqing Net reporter◁○▼▼: My question wants to provide Liu Qiangdong Committee. Now, many of our young people are incorporated into the “Double Creative” big tide, but they have encountered some problems, such as difficult to find financing▲◇, hard to find venues, and difficult to organize their ideas and market docking◇●▼★. As a successful person of entrepreneurship, can you provide some methods and suggestions for these young people-●? Thank you. Liu Qiangdong: I am answering the fastest speed because of time relationship. First○▽, you must do valuable things. Everyone thinks, since there is a history of human business, as long as your business model can solve the industrys problem or a pain point of society…△○, it will be able to succeed◇■▲○. I have never seen which company has created great value for the society, created a huge price for the industr.

Original title……★: The political affairs at the scene Jia Zhanghis representative of the afternoon at 1:00 pm, Wanshou Zhuang Hotel, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting★●▼, the National Peoples Congress, the famous director Jia Zhangke◇▼. Jia Zhangke is a representative of the newly elected National Peoples Congress, and he has brought about a motion on culture. “Government” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) Writes / Beijing News reporter Xue Yu photo Editor: Zhang Yili★●.

Original title: Foreign media said that China pays attention to childrens learning disabilities…•○◁. Special education has been “on the road” November 9, 2017, students in Changde City, Hunan Province. Students are in class◇……△. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Jinhai photo news news network March 27 reported American media said that Chinas universities are increasingly focusing on childrens development and special education needs, especially at the defects of multi-purpose disorder (ADHD) and Reading and writing difficulties. According to the US ▪★◆…”IMP Pour” website, the report released by the Psychological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that more than 10 million primary school students have been difficult to read and write. Another report released by Peking University Sixth Hospital estimates that at least 5% of children have pay more attention to defects◆=▷▷, only a few partial parts have been diagnose◇☆.