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bluesign fabric:2018-03-30 23: 26: 25.0 Thailand Fei Chongqing flight detection 6 cases of the virus did not appear critical cases Thailand Fei Chongqing flight detection 6 cases like viruses 82317409 Week Xiaoxue / Enpproperty Hualong Network March 30 22:22 After the reporter (Reporter Zhou Xiaoxue) Following on March 19th, the Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau examined 39 cases of Naja virus from the immigration flight from Thailand, March 29, another Thai entry flight found together with group diarrhea burst Public health emergencies, diagnosed 6 cases of a viral infection case△△. At present, all passengers are stable, and there is no critical cases and secondary dissemination. The Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau specially reminded that the majority of passengers should pay close attention to food hygiene when traveling to Thailand and other countries and region!

Original title▪◁: Four years 50 sexual violations 6 measures such as identification can only be used. (Oriental IC / Figure) In the past four years, the media reports and the drip drivers sexual invasion▼□▼○, sexual harassment incidents treated by the relevant departments, at least 50. Female passengers were raped by a windmill driver, and it had taken place in 2017. Participation of the drip public relations department: Take a punishment of the sexual harassment incidents – a permanent enclosure account, but it has to be recognized that there is a problem that the problem of fracture of sexual harassment is difficult-○. 50 drivers, at least 3 people have a criminal preceding department that endangers personal safety, but through the “three certificat.

As early as May 4▲▲, the upstream journalist (National News Hotline: learned from the head of the propaganda department of Xianyang Municipal Party Committee in Shaanxi Province, the citys Weucheng District Peoples Court Su Jun and his wife were hurt by the next homes One of the suspects in the case of escaped, the Director of the Executive Board of the Court was still escaping 24 hours•●•. Official notification shows that on May 3, the suspect Dong (the party members◁▼△, judges of the Peoples Court of the Weicheng District Peoples Court)◁■□, Wang Mou (the Dangdang Peoples Court of the Peoples Court, ▲◁▼”Dai Dong Wang House relatives)△▷▲. Because Wang Moumou, Wang Mou△-, who was in the Weicheng District, was resigned, and the two came to the victim Su Jun (Dean of the Peoples Court of the Weicheng District)▽▷, located in a home■△★, dispute…◆•, and fruit in Zhonghua Road, Xianyang City★•▼. Knife will be Su and his wi. technical fabric plastic waste – together for a clean ocean eco-friendly product seaqual mattress,