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beach waste!bci cotton:Original title•△▽▲: How to crack 3:30…▽…? The Minister of Education said •▷… 3 AP, the Great Hall of the Peoples Great Hall of the People, the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference officially opened. More than half an hour from the end of the meeting, located only more than 100 meters in the North Lock of the General Hall, it has already filled a long gun short gun☆■, and dozens of microphones are placed in front of the Bookstore – 16:30▷◇-, With the Minister of Education▷•◆▽, Chen Baosheng came to the past, the first “ministerial channel” in the country in 2018 officially opened□◇▽. On the same day, the person in charge of 5 sectors went to the spotlight, discloses hot topics in front of the public, and did not avoid sharp topics▲=. “Children in 3:30 in the afternoon•◇△, parents cant pick up” “Do you will seriously manage the school-owned trusted class chaos•□” □▪•-“How to hold the bottom line of cultural relic.

Original title□★: On-site In the Shanghai National Peoples Congress◁◆, I went to Beijing this afternoon. The representative of the National Peoples Congress in the Shanghai National Peoples Congress was concentrated in the Peoples Building●▷□, and went to Beijing to participate in a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. This article is a view of the newspaper on the newspaper on March 2, this afternoon, in the afternoon, in the Shanghai National Peoples Congress, he went to the Peoples Building to participate in the 13th National Peoples Congress. Liberation Daily◁▷◁△. Observing Journalists learned that there were 58 representatives of the National Peoples Congress of the Shanghai Group, including 37 new representatives and 21 represented. At 1 oclock in the afternoon, there are more than 1 hour away from boarding time, the representatives have reached the topic of the peoples buildings and began to exchange their attention. “Where is the governments money to flow▽•▽, it is divided into science■◆•▲. Shangh◁◁☆▷?

Original title: The new deputy director of the middle office debut: Changan Street is in recent days, the Director of the Secondary Bureau of China, Tang Fangyu◇◁, the new position, low-key disclosure – Deputy Director of the Central Office of the Office. In addition, Tian Peichang, Director◇▷★-, Director of the Central Policy, and Director, has also been promoted to deputy director of the Central Policy Research Office. China Jinggangshan cadres have released news today■▼□■, on May 15th★◆△…, the CPC Central Committee (National Administration) held the second batch of second batch of students in the 2018 Spring Festival▪★△, China Pudong, Jinggangshan, Yanan Cadres•●-, was held in the form of video conference. Communist Party of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee, Minister of Organization▲▲▪, Central Party School (President)□▽▽▽, Pudong△△★, Jinggangshan, Yanan Cadre College☆★○◁, Chen Xi at the Central Party School (National Administration) The venue is attended a★…□☆ carpet home furnishing!

Xinhua News Agency▼☆◁, Hong Kong, May 26▲•▷, the Hong Kong SAR Government Education Bureau announced the four mid-secondary national security education curriculum framework, including Chinese historic, historical department▽••●, economic and social sector. The four curriculum frameworks are recommended to arrange students to visit the Mainland. According to the China History Guoan Education Course, the overall teaching of junior high school courses includes in various historical periods, with △…•”political evolution★•▽△”, =▽”cultural characteristics•▽” and “Hong Kong development”◇◁, so that students understand Hong Kongs different history in the country The development profile of the period, as well as interaction with the country=▽◇, thus recognizing the close relationship between Hong Kong and the country. Framework suggestion from history and cultural perspectives-△, strengthen studen.

Original title: This is an open letter, let the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary ordered the thorough investigation overnight▼▷•? On July 27-□•▲, Wang Dongfeng=☆◁◁, director of the Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial Provincial Bureau, and Wang Dongfeng=○•, said that the person in charge of Xian★□, a transportation company reflects the issue of the problem of difficulty in the examination and approval of the highway over-limit transportation of Hebei Province. It is highly attached to the night, and it will make a priority and clearly Claim. According to Journalists confirmed that Wang Dongfeng saw the open letter written by Hou Shaoang◇◆□△, the person in charge of Xian Laodou Lifting Lifting Transportation Co., Ltd★●◇■. Hou Shaogang said that the Hebei Provincial Communications Department has been in contact with him on the 27th○□, and the leaders have apologized▷○▪. On the afternoon, the over-limited transportation pass has already been done◇●-◁, “the speed of the speed”◆◁◆☆. Hou Shaogang also said: ◆▪◇▪”I also put recommendations and requirements=•, to solve from the top floor design, approval process●•=. Not saying that△★○. hosiery