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automotive textile manufacturers:Original title: Xian ◆★=”buy a house shake” 8 people were dismissed•■: Who created a list of relationships? Source: Jin Yun News boiled □●▼”Xian Purchase Household Relationship Household” incident has the latest progress: On the evening of the 2nd, the Changan District Government issued the processed results of this matter through official Weibo “@ Changan○■”, surveyed◇●, there are 35 The public officials are requested by the purchaser, giving the relevant personnel of the “South Changan Street No.” project department “say hello”, causing adverse effects. 8 people were dismissed, 5 people were severely warned in the party, and 8 people were remembered★•…△, and 14 were remembered, and 6 were adjusted at the same time. After the exposure of May 24, Jin Yun news launched a survey. After a few days of visiting, in addition●◆, the ●•▪”processing results” of this words▪◆-□,.

Original title: Hainan built four hundred meters high Shuangzi Tower: Building difficulty and Taipei 101, etc▪■., the worlds first in Haikou Dashan CBD New Town, 428 meters super high-rise building – Haikou Gemini is accelerating the construction▷○, because more than 400 meters high refresh The record of the highest building in Hainan will become the first high building in Hainan after completion▪■○■. In 2017, Haikou Gemini successfully completed the largest part of the project▷-▷◆, the topic construction of the project•◁, and the documentary “Giant Tower■◇” recorded the construction process of this branched building. Haikou Gemini (South Tower) construction walks view◆◁◁•. Nanhai Network Tuhaikou Gemini is Hainan Province■-○, Haikou City Key Project=■□, Nanta Design Building Height 428 meters, North Tower Design Building Height 429 meters. The double tower is standing on the symmetric axis of Haikou Guoxing Avenue, which means the city gate. It is a big Yingsha.

The original title rich bird is not rich: 800 million Corporate debt crisis has been investigated by the SFC to investigate the issue of rich birds. On March 22, the Hong Kong stocks (01819.HK) were announced by the three announcements, suggesting the use of illegal violations for suspected information disclosure and bond raised funds, and the SFC will investigate the investigation. At the same time, the company has a significant uncertainty on the 2014 company bonds (“14 rich birds”) issued on April 22▽●, 2015. At about 10:50 am on the 22nd△▼▽■, 14 rich birds appeared “” “and fell 40%△△. 14 rich birds suffer from falling and solo the crisis△◆, and the old clothes shoes giant is falling into the downturn and high-rise turmoil. The SFC will investigate the investigation of suspicion and bond fundraisin◁◇◇?

Original title: Sui War Book In-depth study promotion and implementation of the Constitutional Symposium to emphasize the spirit of cultivation to promote the spirit of the Constitution to make all the people become the constitution, the firm, the firm, the firm, the firm, the firm, this newspaper, Beijing, March 27 (Reporter Wang Bi Xue In-depth learning and promotion and implementation of the Constitution Symposium on the 27th in Beijing. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Chairman Sui Battle Book attended and speaking=◆▽, emphasizing the constitutional constitution is to better implement the Constitution●-▪, let the constitution on the text ★○”live” -▼◆”fall”○◁, give full play to the role of the national fundamental law In accordance with the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, in the new era of Xi Jinping=○, the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking is guided, in the whole society, in-depth learning and propaganda and implementation of the Constitutional activities, popularize the constitutional knowledge, and promote the spirit of the Constitution, so th.

Original title○■-=: Hunan Anhua, a villager holding a firewood trunk hammer, 6 people have been detained boiling point New News (Reporter Liu Family Ocean) On August 5◇▷•, a village in Anhua County, Hunan Province-○-●, caused 6 cases People are injured. Today (August 7), the local police reported that the suspect of the injured investment patriarid was suspected of being criminally detained on August 6-●△. At present◆=▽, the injured is being treated in fullness▷●, and the case is also under investigation=◁. On August 5th, the villagers of Yunxishan Village, Qingtang Town□★◁-, Anhua County☆•, Fu Lei (Male…▪▪…, 35) on the roads near his house and adjacent 3 houses, and used the firewood, dagger, Tools such as hammers, Li Moufu, Huang◇▲◇■, Zhou••…, Zhou Yun, Deng Mou, Huang Mou□△, Li Moumou and other six people, including Zhou Yun, Huang hu.