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textile manufacturer:China News Coach May 27th (Reporter Hu Guilong Zhang Timu) At the Qinghai Mado ■△”5 · 22◇△” earthquake seismic relief press conference held on the 27th of the Peoples Government of Qinghai Province, the earthquake experts pointed out that the earthquake highway The Influence of the Collapse of the Bridge Collapse Breakthroughs Breakthroughs from the Seismic Design Parameters of Bridges. At 2▽…:4 of May 22, a 7…-.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Madotian County, Qinghai Province◆★▪, which is an earthquake in China after the earthquake in China after the Wenchuan earthquake. It is reported that the 7◆▼◆•.4 earthquake has caused the Ying Maoyan No. 1 Bridge and Ye Maoyan No■◇. 2, the Mado County★…▽, Qinghai Province=□▲-, and collapsed▲○□=. Two bridges are about 3 kilometers apart◁=•, of which wild hors.

@ Peoples Daily: [Reminder! In 2018, this 17th category will benefit, but some people are “knocking the alarm” to improve the personal income tax, cancel the traffic “roaming▼◆” fee, support the residents self-employed house, reduce the key state-owned scenic spot ticket price ..◁▷. Government work report All the deployments will benefit the 17 people, there are more …▽”good days”, while others will be “knocking the alarm★-▷•” eco fabric factory environment protection! See which group you belong to? Click to enter the special responsibility Editor●○••: Zhang Yili.

On May 27th○▼■, Baolong Commercial (HK◇◁•.9909) was successively issued with Baolong Real Estate (HK○▲◆◁.1238). Shanghai Jiayu◁-, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baolong Commercial, and signed an increase in capital with Shanghai Yuehang Technology■△▽. Invest in RMB 50 million, total billion, used to add code layout wisdom business▷▲. Shanghai Yuehang Technology, which is a Bao Long Commercial Sub-Company and Tencent to join hands, is a digital service provider who focuses on the business asset operations industry, is also a key supplier including a plurality of large commercial real estate groups in Baolong■▼. In the course of the Qilong and Tencents cooperation, the bridge▷○▲, R & D and coordination work, and continuously promotes R & D upgrade■▷▽▲. This ti=☆▽□.

Original title: Xiongan: I have to focus on the next generation of industrial directions in the next generation of industrial directions: I have to focus on the next generation of industrial directions – Interview with Academician=◇, Beijing-Tianjin Commonwealth Development Expert Advisory Committee, Deputy President “Hebei Xiongan New District Plan” announced, a high-level high-quality modern model city unveiled veil. As the city of innovation, how will the Xiongan Industry layout■△▼? How to achieve high quality development? Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the depth participation in Xiongan Plan•△○•, and the deputy director of the Beijing-Tianjin Jiexian Development Expert Advisory Committee. On April 7, the reporter interviewed the academician of He Hezhen at the Chinese Academy of Engineering▲▽. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Qiongyuan came to ask: The planned plan is clearly related to the development of the Xiongan industry is the high-end high-tech industry▪▽-, a!refibra – econyl yarn home textiles,