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recycled polyester:China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Jiang Xi) Recently•▲▽, some people played in the international champion of newzgong pneumonia played a political speculation, and wipe the black pot remarks “Yesterday reproduces”, “laboratory leakage ☆-“The conspiracy theory will come again●=. Regarding the problem of traceability of the epidemic, China has always advocated international cooperation based on facts and respect for science to better deal with the future of human future-▲◁. To this end, Chinas responsible attitude and the scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts-■, in January 2021☆●-…, invited WHO Joint experts to develop a 28-day viral traceability in Wuhan. WHOs new crown virus traceability joint research report on this basis shows th.

Original title: Singapore “Star War Force△▼○◁” this week will carry out confrontation exercises with the Taiwan army [Global Network Comprehensive Report] Singapores •○▪▽”Star Tower” in Taiwan will be held in Taiping East and Hengchun Peninsula, “Noon “, Implement confrontation exercises with the Taiwan military 333 traveler. The mainland will hold a military exercise in the Taiwan Strait on the 18th in the island…=. Taiwans ▼–“Joint News Network” reported that the Taiwan army ★=◇▽”not smashed the troops”, in addition to the Exception of Golden Gate and Mazu, in addition to the exercise of Golden Gate and Mazu★☆▼=, it will also fight the exercise with the Singapore “Star Force○▽-“◆■. The acting will take part of the way○◁▽▪, and the ◆○◁□”Star Tower” and “Diene Enemy” confrontation■★■-, the Taiwan military 333 travelers step will serve as the character. According to the report, the …▼◇”Star Tower” participated in the participation is equipped with a laser fron…○◆○.

China Xinwang Yichang May 28th (Dong Xiaobin Du Yuting He Kun) reporter “Yichang won the provinces Yangtze River Protection top ten landmarks” three joints ■■▽▽”press conference, 2021 1 Up to May○▽, Hubei Yichang is incorporated into the national “water ten▷△” surface water assessment of the surface water assessment of 100%, and the Yangtze River flow stabilizes II water standards. Yichang Tujiang Middle and Upper Tour, It is the ecological barrier of the Three Gorges Coach Dam area and the ecological sensitivity area of ​​the Yangtze River basin☆◆•◁. Place an overwhelming position, sta.