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sustainable polyester:Original title▷☆▷…: Rui Reference The Ministry of Foreign Affairs “怼” United Nations High Commissioner=…◇□, the netizens of this country have said: “Thank China!” “Thank you China recycled material!▽☆◁○” Said that this is not someone•☆◁, but the Philippine netizen environment protection – save the earth. technical fabric! Today (13th)▲□▲◇, on the Philippines social networking website, many Fei netizens suddenly “grateful China”. This thing is that the cause is Yesterday (12th) China Foreign Ministry. When asked about the view of “a senior commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights condemned the President of the Philippine”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied that Duttert President “actively combat drug crime and terrorism”, “effective maintenance and Promote basic human rights such as the safety and development of the Philippine people, “Lu Zhan called for” Human Rights.

Original title◁-▼: The most authoritative Tibet travel guide is coming eco-friendly textile▲▽! – Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government Qi Zara Interview Source: Chinas Voice “News” report. Damei Tibet, God. Stepping into Tibet in the new era, is taking tourism as the guide, surrounding the tourism characteristics of “The Earth”, driving the sustainable development in the region. The National Peoples Congress representative•▼, Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government-•□●, Qi Zara=●, yesterday (19th), was a guest in the CCTV◇■■=, and the exploration and practice in Tibet development. Create a whole○▼◆, domain tourism□☆■, how to balance with the protection ecological red line? As the only provincial concentrated continental poverty area in the country□●, how to inspire the poverty-enriched endogenous motivation●▲? 1, can Tibet can only go in summer? wrong◇•□◁! President of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the Tibet Autonomous Region, first come to the live broadcast of Central Taiwan, fir.

Original title: Chinas movie involves the ban on South China Sea by Vietnam? China responded to Overseas Network March 28th, the spokesperson, the spokesperson, presided over the routine reporter on the 28th, and responded to the recent hotspot. The relevant content is as follows: Q: According to Vietnamese media reports, a movie in China is banned in Vietnam because some of the movies are related to the South China Sea▷☆. Do you understand the relevant situation☆▽•? A: Chinas position on the South China Sea is consistent, clear. I dont have to repeat it. The film you mentioned is a literary work, the plot fiction, and I hope that the relevant parties should not be hosted on their own, over-interpretation. Editor in charge: Guoqia☆…●-.

[Information Notification] At 11■-:23, March 25◆□, the public security Wuqing Branch reported: two cars collided with the two cars in Bali Zhuang, Guanzheng Town, Wuqing District, causing 3 deaths and 4 injuries. Among them, a car is a white Chuanqi SUV, a total of 6 people, 4 of which have been injured to the district hospital treatment, and there is no life-threatening. Another car is a red Changan sedan, a total of 3 people△●○-, rescued, and it has been confirmed that 3 people have died. After the accident, the Wuqing District Committee, the district government attaches great importance to that the district committee and district government is responsible for comrades to make arrangements for the first time, the public security martial arts committee, the district emergency office and other departments have rushed to the scene for disposal. At present○▷◇◇, the rescue of the wounded◇-◁-, the accident investigation, the death of the death and injury is being launched in order, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. Source…•: Wuqing releas☆■△□?