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recycled polyester:Original title: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China 5G R & D ranks in the world will be with entity economic integration international online news▽…▼: Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that China will promote cross-industry cooperation in the development of 5G application development, promote 5G The induction of the inner economy depth★▲△, innovation 5G and transportation, medical, environment and other public services are integrated●◁△. At present▷=◆★, the global 5G is in a critical period of accelerated development, many operators in foreign countries are committed to promoting 5G commercial deployment, seizing technology. In this context▲…▽, Chinas 5G R & D has received an external attention▲■…▲. At the 5G industry application seminar organized by the China Information Communications Research Institute◁□, Chen Zhaoxion, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology, introduced Chinas 5G R & D▼△. “my country .

Original title■●◇◆: Reform and opening up 40 years to relive the classic discourse (3) [Editor Press] This year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In this 40 years, there have been many classic discourses in the country◁▽. They have an important impact on my countrys economic=▼, political◇▷, cultural, social, ecological civilization○●◆▼, etc. in different periods, producing a beautiful home for the people of the country▽▼. Great encouragement. The Yangguang Net Sunshine Follower Studio launched the “Classic Discourse” column of •▼”revisiting those exciting”■●, looking back in the past 40 years of exciting classic discourse, and jointly explore the vivid story behind these inspirational princes. ☆•★”Science and Technology is the first productive” once a grand meeting made the spring of 1978 appeared to warm – March 14, the National Science Conference was hel!

Original title○◇: Members Feng Yuanzheng▲○•▲: Wearing Japanese military uniforms should cause patriotism education: Legal Evening News · View News Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Zhang Enjie) March 2-○, the National Committee of China, Beijing Peoples Art Theater Actors The captain Feng Yuanzheng, in the committee resident, ☆▪★…”Two men wearing the Japanese military uniform to the Nanjing Zijin Mountain Anti-War Site) accepted the reporters interview. Feng Yuanzheng believes that men should be punished. The police have legal basis for their punishment. At the same time, the remains can prosecute people in accordance with the law•▽. •□▲●”I have a relationship with our education. How do we cultivate the spirit of patriotism◇●◆◁, how to cognition the war, how to cope with what is not touching, whether our moral bottom line, or a socie. functional fabricfabric mill rpet fabric manufacturer better cotton!