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sustainable products:Original title▲=•□: 50,000 monthly salary is not arrived? Which young people didnt enter the factory on March 10, and the Nanfang Metropolitan newspapers issued a report ★◇◁▷”For a long time! Monthly salary of 20=■◆,000…▪! Guangzhou boss is a big dragon in the street automotive interior textile upcycled textile. fabric supplier eco friendly! 90 but not willing to do it. ” In the report▷◇☆, after the Yuan Lan, the city of Guangzhou Haizhu District ushered in a year of recruitment climax-▷★•. At the two sides of the Lujiang South Road○●, standing on the two sides, people dragons are about one kilometer, compared with the surprises•-●, the applicants are scarce. Among the recruitment teams○▪, many of the factory owners are all on the lattice. They are generally said that the workers who can recruit three or four hundred last year. Ms. Yao, who is the old boss, heron•○, revealed that a skilled four-wire work is a monthly salary. But after the 90s of the boss of the garment factory●★-◁, the son said th.

Xinhua News Agency●-□○, March 27, March 15▼☆, 2018, China Peoples Political Consultative Conference△●•, the 13th National Committees first meeting adopted the •▽•”Amendment of the Charter of Conference on Peoples Political Consultation▲◁”. Recently, the head of the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference accepted an interview and answered the reporter on the relevant situation. Q▼●•: Please introduce the principles of this revision of the Political Conference Charter. A: The current CPPCC chartered by the five sessions of the May 1982, in 1994, in 2000△▪◆•, in 2004, three revisions were made, generally adapt to the needs of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, which is in line with national conditions☆▷◇…, in line with the actual situation…-▷☆. , Comply with good articles on the development requirements of the times. At the same time, historical experience is also fully proved that the CPPCC has only constantly adapted to the new situation□△▼, absorbs new experience, reflecting n.

Original title: The positive momentum of the peninsula should be kept down (bell) ◇○□◇”Peoples Daily” (March 10, 2018) has a goodwill to fight for peace=…•◁, to promote and meet the opportunities March 9, Xi Jinping Chairman Approximately the US President Tri General Phone…◇□, focusing on the current Korean Peninsula and the relationship between the two countries. Xi Jinping pointed out that China firm is committed to achieving non-verified Korean peninsula…▼, maintaining peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, and insists on solving problems through dialogue▽▷. Trump said that the fact that the President of Xi insisted that the United States should have the proposition of dialogue with North Korea■▼=▲. The United States is very grateful and attaches great importance to the important role of the Chinese in the Korean Peninsula issue. I hope to continue to closely communicate with China. Active changes in the situation in the Korean peninsu-▲△.