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technical fabric:Original title▽▷: Xinhua News Agency commentator: The wonderful answer worthy of the new era is the era, we are the answer person, the people are the wonderful. “Standing in 2018•★•, the national two sessions, the historical nodes of the past, and we have a kind of Common feelings•▼△○: The five years since the 18th National Congress of the party, the party central part of Xi Jinping is the core of the partys central party, the historical achievement of the worlds socialism◁●, the historical achievement of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the history of historical change in China is shocked The wonderful answer◁▪◇…, written in the common belief of hundreds of millions of people★▽▼□: the root cause is to learn the strong leaders of the party centrons party in Xi Jinping as the core=◁▽, in the scientific guidelines of China s characteristic socialist thinking★•. This is a stormless answer: it is Chinas economic growth increased from 54 trillion yuan to 827△□□,0!

Original title▼■△●: The National Peoples Congress Department responded: to bullying legislation for the campus, not far from this problem◁=, not far from the cover news reporter Zhang Xiling campus bullying has continued to become a social hotspot in recent years▽▲•□, and it has also become a negotiated issue▪□▪▷. On the morning of March 12th▲◆, the 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a reporter meeting in the Multi-function Hall of the Metacbe, and answered questions about China and foreign journalists on the “Peoples Congress Legislation■-“. When asked if there is a legislative plan in question and campus bullying◁▽◇▪, Wang Shengming, deputy director of the 12th National Peoples Congress-◁, said that the National Peoples Congress Secondary Judicial Committee proposed to revise the ▷◆□…”Minor Protection Law” and “Prevent minors crime”, In this process of modifying the law, it will definitely attach great importance to this problem▼▪★•. Previously, at the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the CPPCC, the central governme?

Original title: Tianjin Catering Industry Association set up a pancake scorpion branch…△◆•: let the owner have a sign according to Weibo @ 天津 日报 @ 天津 日报 March 13 news, from the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in order to promote further healthy development in the industry▼•, The city catering industry association pancake scorpion branch has been officially established▽▼. In August last year▷○, the city has organized a hundred selection activities of pancakes. According to reports, the newly established city catering industry association pancakes will take this as an opportunity•□□•, based on the local••-, promote pancakes and chains, and improve Consumption, and collaborative Tianjin Quality Management Institute to formulate Tianjin pancake scorpion group standards, so that more practitioners can be marked, according to the standard operation, achieve industry production, hygiene, and food safety. Source: Tianjin Daily Editor△★=△: Zhang .

Original title: Beijing revised atmospheric pollution control regulations: motor vehicle emissions unqualified, the driver will be punished on March 30th, the third meeting of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress Standing Committee considered and voted “Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Standing The Committee on the Amendment of Seven Local Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment in Beijing◆▼, -◇-□”The newly revised regulations will be implemented on the date of the announcement◇▲■☆. Wang Delin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee▪■▪, from the source to the end, introduced Wang Delin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress◆◆▷○, from September 2017■★…, Beijing has cleaned up the currently effective 136 local regulations, the prevention and control of air pollution, water pollution prevention Seven regulations such as regulations◆□▽▷, there is a situation in administering management rights, management measures, prohibiting behavior•△□, legal responsibility and the upper law ruled inconsiste.

Source: Beijing Daily Original title: The Warm Development of the Party, the Central Cada, the popular discussion of the Constitution, March 11, “The Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China” vote•●, announced. The ▽▪★▪”Characteristics of the Chinese Communist Party of Communist Party is the most essential characteristics of Chinese characteristics”, improve the system of the National President☆●▲-, deepen the national monitoring system reform •○… Constitution Amendment caused enthusiastic response in the capital of the capital, Everyone said that this revision is the general trend of the times, the need for the development of the cause▷▪, the party is in the hearts of the people, and resolutely supports support. President of China Regional Science Association▽□◁, President of the First Economic and Trade University, said that the constitution is the fundamental law of the country=•◆▽, which has decisive significance for the rule of law, and constantly improve the constitution with the constitutio. ocean clean-ups wholesale upholstery supplies – automotive texti manufacturers.

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