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eco fabric factory eco friendly textile,home textile:Original title: The provincial government appoints 34 leading cadres recently, the provincial government appoints 34 hall-level leading cadres…-. Among the 26 people of the new appointment, Zhao Xincong and other 24 trial period were officially appointed★◁. Provincial government appointed: Zhao Xinyong is the general engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission; Liu Baoping is the total accountant of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education; Cui Yuemin is the general engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology□△▲; Wang Yong, Guo Xinan, Dong Wei★◇▽☆, Dong Yao is the Provincial Public Security Department Deputy Hall-level scout; Qifeng is the director of the Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Army Transmissions Cadres, Xu Li is the director of the Shaanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau; Li Hongjun, Zou Manxu is the deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Government; the army is Shaanxi Vice Partyer of Radio and Television▼☆; Cao Jianj.

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Ma Dongmei Zhang Lang) Chengdu Customs 27th News: A few days ago•…★◁, a cargo charter loaded by 1123 Zengzus original pigs passed 9 hours of aerial flight, and it was smooth by Denmark Chengdu. After the plane docked at the designated unit and was disinfected, Chengdu Customs Association worked in the relevant departments★•▪, the strict live inspection, clinical examination, and sanitation treatment of seed pigs were carried out under the cooperation of the relevant departments. Subsequently, the batch of pigs were transported by the designated route to Mianyang Mingxing Agricultural Technology Co.○▲◆, Ltd. in the early morning of May 26, starting a 45-day isolation and quarantine■◇▷. 1123 Danwai breed pigs with a charter. Chengdu Customs Diagr.

Original title: Hu Wei•▲▽▷, former deputy general manager Hu Wei, former deputy general manager of mid-management▲▪, international engineering Co○••●., Ltd☆▲▪▪. The Hubei Provincial Supervision Committee inspected the investigation and was taken in an indwelling measures. Hu Wei resume Hu Wei, male, Han nationality, born in September 1970●▽◁, Tianjin, participated in work in August 1992, member of the Communist Party of China. He has served as the secondary project manager of China Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Import and Export Corporation, and the general manager of the secondary engineering of the completion project, the general manager of the completion project, Assistant General Manager of the SME International Engineering Co■◇●▲., Ltd., Ren Zhonggong in January 2011 Party Committee, Deputy General Manager of International Engineering Co., Ltd▷■., responsible for the market business in West Asia and Africa. 2017.

Original title◆▽…: Guo Yonghang, Fangli Xu…☆△▷, Liang Weidong is responsible for Zhuhai◇■, Shantou-▷◆, Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Recently, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee decided: Comrade Guo Yonghang Ren Zhuhai Municipal Committee, Standing Committee, Secretary; Fangluxu Ren Zi Shantou Commission, Standing Committee, Secretary, Chen Liangxian Seriem City Party Committee Secretary, Standing Committee◇▷•, Member of Comrade, Ren Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Secretary•△▪, and Comrade Lu Yinseng no longer serves as a secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee◆=, and Committee. Personal resume Guo Yonghang★□▲, born in October 1965, Shandong Jiyang people. In July 1989, he participated in the work▽▷□. In June 1986, he joined the party and academic successful postgraduate (Wuhan University Administration), Dr◆▷■▪. Management. He has served as Director of the Shenzhen Cultural Industry Development Office■…=●, deputy secretary general of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Yantian District Committee, Director of the Regional Standing Committee▷■=▲, 20 cotton fabric wholesale! water bottle