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recycled fabric:Original title: This grabbing battle, there is no such simple spring and autumn, the wife of Jin Gongzis heavy ear said to him☆=◁, “the child has four parties”. Later•▼▷, this sentence evolved, “good man is in the quarter”. Later, this sentence became it, ☆…”Good man is in the quarter, the quarter is the depth of the north.” ••.○▪○.-△..△◇◆●.…●▼-. Once…•, Ive got into ◆●■•”Northern Guangxiande” has become the most simple and rude practice of small towns. Later, high housing prices, the belonging, let them “escape from the north”. Later, nearly ten years of approach▪■◆, these people have been entangled in △●-☆”escape” and “escape”. In companions●•, it is the increasingly stringent settlement policy of Beijing=…, China, and the rise of the new area of ​​the new area and the eagerness of talents★▪▷. These two attitudes have been in the past ye!

Original title (two sessions fast smell) Minister of Science and Technology▼◇, Minister Wan Steel□■…: Accelerating the Transformation of Artificial Intelligent Innovation Achievements Application Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 10 (Reporter Sun Qi, Yu Xiajie) ☆▪”Artificial Intelligence” is one of the key words of Chinas science and technology development▷△▽. Minister Wangang, Minister of Science and Technology, said at the 13th National Peoples Congress of the 13th National Peoples Congress, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation application of artificial intelligence innovation results□★, and promote artificial intelligence to apply to various aspects of industrial development and social life★•▪▼. Wan Steel said that it is necessary to consolidate the scientific foundation of artificial intelligence, accelerate the integration and development of key technical systems for implementing a new generation of artificial intelligence science foundations▲•, so that the research and development results can enter the open platform as soon as possible…▼▼▲, and once again enhance it once again☆◆…. He said that artificial intelligence has both scientific and technological progress=◆☆, as well as social developmen uprecycled fabric!

Source: View The original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Zhang nearast: It is recommended to improve the express delivery green packaging regulations. Revenue 70 pieces of proposals in the fields of precise poverty alleviation△▲•▽, college students employment, circulation modernization. In 2018▼▷◇, Zhang nearast was first selected for the 13th National Peoples Congress, on March 3, and he brought four suggestions to the two sessions. The reporter learned that in addition to the “precision poverty▽◁▽”-☆★•, ▽▪=◁”data sharing” proposed in previous years, with the continuous development of e-commerce, green environmental packaging has become the latest proposal from Zhang Na East. Data Map: Zhang Ni East is in 2017 to participate in the national two sessions recommended to improve the green packaging regulatio.

Original title●★-: Development and reform committee report: Chinas mobile phone traffic fee▷●, China Low level on March 30, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 2017 China Resident Consumption Development Report (hereinafter referred to as reported)▷=, this is the first time by the National Development and Reform Commission, 11 Particles Annual report reflecting the consumption of residents in my country. Among them, the report pointed out that my countrys fixed broadband and mobile data tariffs have declined rapidly for 6 consecutive years. In 2017, the fixed broadband monthly fee fell by 18.2% year-on-year◇▼, and the mobile data tariff fell by 51.8% year-on-year. From the international comparison, according to the International Telecom Alliance 2016, my countrys fixed broadband monthly fee ranked 89th in 182 countries□…◁; mobile data traffic tariffs ranked 53rd in 178 countries in the world (from low to high ocean waste trading company – chinese seaqual. upholstery automobile!

Original title…•-: The new party went to the land committee to protest: should be renamed ■=”Cross-Strait Universal Committee” Review Agency reported on August 6th, the mains of the Taiwan authorities have been the East Asian Youth Games, and the Golden Gate County Government is required to stop the two-strait waterway ceremony. Disagree with the deputy magistrate Wu Mingdu and Senior Weng Posa to Quanzhou to participate in the water ceremony. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others, beforewards to the Main Constitution•☆▪, the land committee is called “Mainland Affairs Committee”★▽◇▷, but the three-strait exchange will be called “two sides of the Strait◁◇◇”•□★▪. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others led more than ten new party members to protest in front of the joint office building where the land committee is located==△☆, and everyone shouted, the main committee of the main committee of the Main Committee, “named Mingtong, the Tongtong; Dont pass, you have to be new three links; a branch of the strait▲-, crea.