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litter in the ocean:Original title: Shen Changyou no longer serves as secretary of the Shandong Dongying Municipal Party Committee▷○▼=, and there is another appointment, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee decided: Comrade Shen Changyou no longer serves as the secretary of the CPC Dongying Municipal Party Committee, and also use. Source: Qilu◇….com Shen Changyou resume Shen Changyou information map Shen Changyou, male★■, Han nationality, born in January 1969, Shandong Ying Pingren■▷◁☆, July 1988 participated in the work•▽●□, January 1992, January 1992, joined the Chinese Communist Party, Master of Law★▷, Ph.D., Economics▲-•. 1986.09 Shandong Liaocheng Normal University Student 1988.07 Department of Teachers, 3 Middle School, Shandong Province, 1990.09 Beijing University, Beijing University International Political Department●…▼, 1993.07 National Industrial and Commercial Bureau Economic Inspection Division, Department of Fair Trading, deputy director of the Fair Trading Bureau●▲=○, machi…★●☆.

Original title△▷: Military experts△-▲○: US military or increase ship crossing Taiwan Strait frequency DDG65 Ben Wilde DDG-89 Mascine [Global Network Military July 9 Report Global Times Special Reporter Li Qiang Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan] US military reception The actions of the two destroyers crossing the Taiwan Straits have attracted extensive attention from the outside world=☆◆. These two ships belong to the seventh fleet of the US Navy, which is located in Yingquta, Japan, is the “Berk” level▽•□☆, is the most destroyer of the US Navy▪△. The US ship crossing the Taiwan Sea, the choice of troops can be described as careful, which indicates “I am coming…●” to the mainland▷●▷, and trying to avoid over-stimulating the mainland. But the military experts in the mainland believe that future US Navy may increase the frequency and force of the Taiwan Strait◆-. Pass two “Berke” levels have deep?

The original title Western media pays attention to Chinas “empty nest old man■▲-▽”: encourages children to independence but still lonely Reference news network on March 6th○◇★, the West Media said that in decades, Chinas economic and social change, and the aging phenomenon also triggered discussion, The increasing episodes of empty nests have triggered social attention-○–. Spain China Policy Observing Website March 4th issue, empty nests mainly affect 60-80-year-old people…○◇□, their children are forced to separate from their parents due to work, learning and marriage■△●…, these elders have become depressed, sad and pain. The article said that although it is not a medical clinical state–, loneliness and loss are the feeling of most empty nesters△★=◁, and at the same time, most parents are still independent of their children★=, let them walk away, the experience is painful and difficult to overcome•=. o.

At 9:00 on March 13th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. After the meeting, the North Hall “Ministerial Channel” opened, and the reporter held the head of the State Council of the State Council attended the meeting-…. The Minister of Cultural Minister accepts reporters. The following is the textual record of the text recorder: the current change of cultural ecology◁■▪☆, cultural heritage protection is concerned. How does the government be better implemented in the future?雒 雒▲▪=△: my country has rich cultural heritage, carrying traditional culture and national spirit. General Secretary Xi attaches great importance to the cultural heritage work, and protects the use of good cultural heritage in contemporary, and is in the Queen Autumn. The cultural cultural relics department has done the following work: 1. Sign a good cultural heritage and touch the home. Carry out the third cultural relics, the first ti▼=…! post consumer recycled plasticbuying agent china seaqual fabric environmental protection!