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carpet:Original title▪★◆●: More than 100 big tigers☆▷, there are 3 people from the crime: the Juanhai Solutions Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Zhang Ying) On April 26▪●, Jiangxi, the former deputy governor Li Liang was ▷◇▲”double open”. This person has been in charge of state-owned enterprises for many years▪■◁▽. In the previous year△◁, the person has also collapsed in Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant “11 · 24” cooling tower construction platform to collapse the special major accident due to leadership★○, it was named by the State Council○◁◇. According to the report, Li Lianghuang is suspected of accepting bribes, corruption, abuse of power, and misappropriation of public funds▼▪. The reporter noted that this person is 18th National Level of more than 100 provincial-level cadres, and the third tiger involved in morning public funds★•. Even the Standing Committee of the Qinghai△▪○, the Standing Committee of the Qihai, the Secretary of Xining, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the vice chairman of the Tianjin Original CPPCC, also committed this sin and sentenced▷▪. Moun?

Original title: Hebei 涞 Yuan “Source Depth 0 Milion” earthquake is the normal blasting operation of the enterprise to Baise on April 15th-▪=▪, Chinas new network reporter has learned the latest information from the Baoding County of Hebei Province, through the county public security bureau Relevant townships and villages verified, preliminary identification: 1.4-magnitude earthquake in the county in the afternoon of the county in the afternoon of the county, the normal blasting operation of the local legal mine company. According to the official measurement of Chinas seismic network: 17□•▷:44 in Baoding City, Hebei Province (44.16 degrees Northern Silica) in Hebei Province (39.16 degrees Northern), the source depth of 0 km. After the earthquake occurred, the Ministry of Purchase of Wuyuan County responded that when the earthquake occurred◆△, there was no obvious shock in the county◁…=. Up to now, no casualties and property loss?

China News Agency, May 27th (Reporter Long Min) Closing the 27th meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress of Fujian Province. The meeting vote passed the relevant personnel□◇-◆, and decided to appoint Kang Tao and Huang Haun as Vice Governor of Fujian Provincial Peoples Government○-☆=. Public information shows that Kang Tao○△-, male, born in April 1963, Han nationality, Jiangsu Zhenjiang, member of the Communist Party of China, before he served as Secretary of the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee. Huang Haun, male▼★, born in January 1965, Han nationality, Guigang, the Communist Party of China◆◇, the Communist Party of China, which was previously served as secretary of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee of Guangxi. (End) [Editor: Chen Haifen! save earth save life plastic recycling project recycled ocean plastic waste – Seaqual fiber.

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