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textile importer:Original title☆●▷◆: Liu He is vice prime minister! From 68 papers, 23 speeches△…•★, read this □◁□▷”core think of Chinas economy▪○” according to the latest news of Xinhua News Agency, March 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting vote, decided to Liu He Deputy Prime Minister of State Council…▪=. Born in 1952 Liu He, I have had an experience from the military in the early years▲▼•, and after the industrial economics of the Industrial Economy of Renmin University of China, I studied a masters degree in the Industrial Economy. I have long been working in the macroeconomic decision-making management department. In March 2003, Liu He served as deputy director of the Office of the Central Finance Leading Group☆●○, opened the career in China, and later…=▼, the director of the Central Financial Leading Group Office, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Party Secondary Secretary, and in 2017 A member of the 19th Central Political Burea★…●■.

Original title: With a ship boarding, Shanghai Port will become the first port of the countrys first comprehensive pilot cruise ticket system▷…◆•. In addition to the passport in Hong Kong○▲▼-, there are more “tickets▲•■” in the hands of tourists in Hong Kong. The ticket is reported that as of mid-March, the cruise ship has entered the Hong Kong coverage rate has reached more than 85%. From March 31, Shanghai will fully promote the Hong Kong, board the ship△△▷, and by that▪◆, Shanghai Hong will become the first port of the countrys first comprehensive pilot cruise ship ticket system••. Do you have a highlight of the boarding system? Service is more user-friendly▲▼▼◆. After the system is implemented, due to the contact information of the ticket information, the cruise company can quickly tell the tourists through the information means for information purposes due to the special circumstances such as bad weather, so that the tourists will reasonably adjust the travel time and avoid arrival of the terminal. When the scene is waiti▼….

Original title◆■▪: The peoples heart required by the times – the popular discussion of the Hong Kong and Macau Depies, the General Peoples Republic of China, through the Constitutional Amendment◁▼, the reporter Zhang Qingbo “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 13△▲, 2018) “Peoples Republic of China Constitution The amendment was passed by the 13th National Peoples Congress. Witnessing this historical moment, the Hong Kong and Macao representative members agreed that the vote passed the constitutional amendment to further consolidate the new era to persist and develop the socialist system in China, promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, and to achieve “two hundred The year of struggle and Chinese dreams of the Chinese nation have provided powerful guarantees, to adhere to the ▽=”one country, two systems”, ensuring that Hong Kong and Macaos long-term prosperity is extraordinary, and the impact is far-reaching. “th▼□●◆.

Original title: Yiwu 40 years epitomy: from chicken hair to sugar to global e-commerce spring thunder-■▪▪, wake up. 40 years ago, a variation of the change was yes. Open is wind, reform is the wave. This is the wind of the end of Qingping, which is the waves between the turbulent trend◆□. Finally, it will become a wind, the trend of the river, after 40 years of flush-◆○☆, shaped our current era. Section: Whether it is a “economic miracle” that lasts for decades, it is also the increasing heart; whether it is a 360-line ▼○▷”Internet +”, or walk into the express delivery takeaway of ordinary peoples home▷-▷, new ●=”four inventions”; no matter It is the ▪◇▽△”high quality growth” of the macro, or the ★◆…△”consumption upgrade▲▽” of the peoples livelihood ..•■. all marked the “New Years Day▽▲” of the Chinese Society after 40 years of reform. See the micro-knowledge-☆★, s. recycled textile cotton knit fabric by the yard technical fabric cotton fabric wholesale distributors green faux leather,