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new innovative fabrics – sustainable products!performance fabric:Original title: The more open, the more favorable the world – visit the first phase of Japan-☆▪●, the Chairman of the Boao Forum Advisory Committee□■……, Futian Kangfu is an interview with the reporter of Futian Kangfu (left). Wang Xiaomei took a huge reporter of the worlds future. At the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum 2018, China President Xi Jinping issued the title ◆▼•★”Open Creative and Innovation and Innovation Leading the Lord”, announced China. In the expansion of 4 major initiatives on the opening up, what do you think of these measures will affect China and the world? Futian Kangfu◆▷: I think the President Xi said very well★◇△, the world welcomes Chinas further expansion of reform and opening up. The more open China, the more benefited the world. Now China is the worlds second largest economy•◁▪◁, Chinas development and the wor…◁▽●!

Overseas Network reported that the British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Thursday (27th)▼▷, the new three-quarters of new neoguan pneumonia were caused by the variant strains found by India. And England has signs of rebound after the anti-wide city measures▼◁. Englands original June 21st is fully solved “may be waiting for one class”. According to the “Guardian”★▲◁, the variant strain B.1☆▲-◁.617.2○▷▲, which is concerned△□, is associated with the increase in the number of patients in all-in terms of all localities. The data released on Thursday, so far, the UK has been confirmed by 6959 cases caused by the type of variant strain▲◇, which is higher than the previous wee best home furniture alaskan king◇▼ jacquard elastic!

The Hong Kong SAR Governments ■…△=”2021 Perfection Electoral System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill★◆” Thursday afternoon, the Hong Kong Legislative Council was adopted, marking the full completion of the Hong Kong Special Eval election system from the central to Hong Kong local legislation■○▪•. Hong Kong opens a new page of politics. In the past two years, Hong Kong has experienced a fierce struggle…•. Many people probably not expect the Hong Kong situation that will not expect the Hong Kong situation in the future. The struggle results have verified the power of the country and also verify the authority and ability of the central government. Hong Kong is not reforming the legislative revision and institutional reform in the original legal framework by the turmoi•☆.

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 26 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government Information Office held a press conference on the 26th, introducing ●△-▲”Guangdong Province to accelerate the implementation of high-quality development of urban natural gas industry”. The program suggested that by 2025, the natural gas penetration rate of urban residents in the province of Guangdong Province reached more than 70%-◇●, and the annual gas volume reached 2 billion cubic meters. The city and county completion area is basically fully covered□◇◇. “Guangdong Province urban residential pipeline natural gas penetration rate increased by 30% by the end of 2015 to 50% by 2020, but there is still a small gap compared with Beijing-○, Shanghai○=●, Jiangsu and other places.” Guangdong Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department Director Liu W◇☆□ japanese nylon!