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upcycled textile:Original title◆•△: Xia Baolong was elected for the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference•○▼, held the fourth plenary meeting in the Peoples Game Hall on the 14th, and Elect the Chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference•◁◇. , Vice-Chair, Secretary-General and Standing Committee△•▽•. Zhang Qingli, an Executive President of the General Assembly☆…=▪, announced that Comrade Xia Baolong was elected the Secretary-General of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference★☆▷. Editor in charge: Liu Guang-★?

Original title★-▽△: Destruction of unity and unified pollution political ecology resolutely prevent and oppose the dock culture (hot dissection) Chai Bao Yongxiai comrade emphasized in the 19th National Report of the Party-☆○, ▼▷•”resolutely prevent and oppose politicalism, circle culture, and terminal culture▽▲.▲☆■●” This important requirement has strong reality. Resolutely prevent and oppose the cultural culture of the pier, not only the internal requirements of strict treatment of the party◁▷◇, and the political character of the majority of party members and cadres. Pier culture in political science is refers to a feudal gang culture with sectic and geographicalism. The main culture of the traditional society has been long▷★, and there is no shortage of “knife private privacy”, ○…”the party gang” is fighting, “playing rights to the party”. People who believe in the dock culture will intersect interests, and try to maintain the interests of a few people. th!

Original title: The mainland went to Han Tour to suspend 8 months after restarting the travel route to Han tournaments 8 months▲◁▪, a tour group consisting of 32 tourists started from Beijing Capital Airport to Han▼■•. This is the first Chinese mainland tour group that has ushered in South Korea since March this year▪◆☆. This tourist group was organized by the largest Korea route supplier Haitao, North China. On November 30th☆•, the group successfully obtained a Korean group tourist visa and became the “Group Visa No●■▼▪. 1••☆” since March 2017. 32 tourists in the tour group are Beijing tourists. After they fly to South Korea Airlines flights to South Korea International Airport, they will open the Journey of 4 Nights 5th, Seoul. “Sad” wind wave makes China to the Korean tourists sharply●●, and the Korean tourism is a heavy loss▼○◆▽. In March this year, in order to protest the Korean deployment ” car door panel upholstery linen sack!

Data Map◆…▽•: Container Terminal★◆. Zhongxin Service Reporter Wang Dongming (Financial World) G20 Trade ▲○□◇”Rising” Sound British “Single□◇☆” is an accident•▪◁◇? China News Agency, Beijing May 26 (Liu Liang) 2021●▪▼, 2021, 20th Group (G20) International Trade “transcript=-▷◆” has been released○●. In the “rising○▽” sound of the trade, the British data seems to be a little unexpected. According to data released by the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization (OECD), the number of international cargo trade import and exports in the first quarter of this year encompasses a record▼○☆○, breaks through $ 3.97 trillion and $ 4.02 trillion=•▽□, an increase of 8.1% respectively compared with the fourth quarter of 2020. And 8.0%. G.

Original title: Fishing boat is rescued, the fighter emergency takes off…-•○, staged the life and death▷-▪-, the naval transport plane took off from the airport of Qiong Island, transfer Nansha 187 Hospital▼…●◁, so that the patient turned into danger◁●=★. On March 23, the Naval Air Force Available in Qiongtu Flights staged a “life and death speed=■★★” running with time racing. At 2 pm on the 22nd, a island reef stationed unit received a fishing boat to help●■△, the ship fishermen Li Feng came to vomit blood, high fever, and people have shove. The unit was first dispatched with a medical group△△. After preliminary consultation, it was found that the patient had a grease bleeding. The amount of bleeding has reached 1000cc◆○, and the medical staff immediately took measures against anti-shock treatment, boosting▲◇, but still needed to further identify the cause. However, the medical conditions on the island are limited and surgery cannot be performed. The leaders of the stationary unit immediately decide.scrap yard near me – perennial fabrics outdoor ccsf canvas better cotton,