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plastic bottle recycle – post-consumer plaic natural material,swimwear:Original title: Note (editor Note: Bar) Lu Wei, Wang Wentao did not say goodbye, high-speed rail wrote a letter editor 豪 “I kissed Jinan map, this nearly 8▪★▼,000 square kilometers of Jinan layout◆●▷•, like a string The bow, full of infinite power, and showing the persistence of righteousness. ▪-=”On March 19th, the former deputy secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, the governor Lu Yu•■●, was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the State Council; 22nd Comrade Wang Wentao served as a member of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee◇△◆=, a Standing Committee◆☆◆, and Deputy Secretary. Comrade Lu Hao no longer serves as Deputy Secretary•△…, Standing Committee and Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee. So Wang Wentao, “pick up★▷••” in the north. The article started this paragraph, Wang Wentaos true confession of Jinan. Shandongs small partners tell Changan Street◇◆, IC, WeChat ID: C.

Original title-□●: Indigenization of China Rural Society Fire Perform••☆▲: Villagers strive to continue to worry about the traditional non-fall reference news network reporting in the report in the printing media said that the soul fire can be traced back to the ancient China▲▽•, in order to pray for all kinds of gods•○•, the wind•△◁, rain is held Social fire activity. Now the social fire is included in Chinas intangible cultural heritage, and local governments encourage people to participate in this event. According to the ▷▼•□”Indussan Times” website reported on March 3, the sky is still not bright, people in the northern countryside will get up makeup★◆▪=, they put on colorful costumes, wave the sword, dressed as all kinds of legendary characters-☆•, celebrate a given Special Festival in the Spring Festival, the special festival of the community▪…▽★. The social fires from all over the world gathered on a square in Jixian County, Shaanxi Province, and sings and jumped, and the Chinese traditional drama and martial arts were performed. Then it is h.

Original title: Pension insurance payment for 15 years without paying it•◆▷? Does the medical insurance pay in March? Authoritative statement is. Source: Guangzhou peoples unemployment can directly receive unemployed pension insurance for 15 years★•…, no need to pay again .•▽….■•. All these are true or false? Today, come to everyone an authority textile consulting! Social Security Card Li Jinlei cares for the elderly insurance payment for 15 years without going to pay? Authoritative statement-•●: Pension insurance is a kind of five insurance◇◁▼. It is a national provision that enterprises and employees pay together according to different proportions. Among them, the accumulated payment of the pension insurance is only a basic condition for employees to apply for retirement when employees reach the national legal retirement age. It does not mean that the payment is over 15 years◆▼=. According to Article 10 of the Social Insurance Law: “Worke-△.

Original title▽☆: Hong Kong Media: China will strive for intellectual property rights to improve the National Security System Reference Information Network on April 1○▽■=, China has said that China is stepping up with the increasing upgrade of the United States in technical issues…◁…★. Foreign investors transfer intellectual property review. According to the ◆-◆▷”Nanhua Morning Post◇▷” website reported on March 30th◆▼, the new guidelines issued by the State Council on the 29th, technical exports, foreign investors M & A domestic enterprises, including patents, integrated circuit layout design The right to conduct a review of intellectual property rights such as computer software copyright•☆◇, plant new variety rights, and needs to be reviewed▲▼. According to reports, the State Council said in the document that this is aimed at “improve national security system, safeguard national security and major public interests.” This file is call chinese seaqual…●■◁!