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textile distributor:Original title: Liaoning: The government agency shall not receive the compensation government agency from retirees. The staff of the government agency shall not be part-time (ten), and the government agency is part-time (employment), which must be in accordance with the retirees. Relevant national regulations and must not receive compensation. The Office of the Liaoning Provincial Government issued the ■▽”Guidance Opinions on Further Optimizing Investment Approval Service” and proposed six major tasks. Strictly clean up the certificate○◇, the unreasonable partial argument is to increase the efforts to increase the degree of simplicity of simplicity◁▷, and the companys administrative examination and approval matters involving corporate investment is proposed to minimize the direct intervention of the government to maximize the import of enterprises to enterprises. There is no legal and regulatory basis, not included in the examination and approval of government departments of government departments at all level•▽▪▼.

Source★…☆□: Clean Government Lookout Magazine Original title: The scale of officials, Jobs, Zhulein★□, once said: “Humor is the highest performance of wisdom, with humorous people are the most personal charm▽☆, but he can not only get along with others, but also have a happiness. Life. “For leading cadres, the sense of humor is equally important•○. Some affected leaders in history are very humorous, such as Lincoln, Churchill, Zhou Enlai…◇, Ren•◆◁, etc. In 1929, Mao Zedong clearly stated in Article 6 of the “Professor Law▪★•” developed by the Red Fourth Army Cadre: ▽▪◆”It is fun.▼●▲” Humor is the lubricant leader in the work and the subordinate◆◁▲, and the joke can sometimes play a lubricant. The role of conjunction with the conjunction. Those leaders who are good at joking, are often more close and respect than the leadership of the engraved. Anyo-▼.

At 6:30 in the morning of May 21, 2015, the sky was just bright, and Xiaoxing was awakened by a violent knock on the door◇▪□. He was put on clothes, opened the door, and more than ten probes worked in the US Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), and rushed into the house. ◇=”They pointed to me on the gun, let my wife and the child raise the hand to the corner, I put it on the front of them.◇◇▼■” Xiaoxing said. On the same day, FBI was arrested in the home of the US Tian Pushe University☆•, and accused him of the four referendents who were suspected of being suspected of guiding the US secret sensitive national defense technology to Chinese companies▼○=☆. If the criminal is established□△, Xiaoshang will face the maximum of 80 years of imprisonment and a fine of $ 1 million. Just in the shackles of Xia Xing were arrested for 6 months ago, another Americ.eco friendly products.