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hosiery:Zhongxin Net Xuzhou May 28 (Zhu Zhigeng) According to Jiangsu Xuzhou fire rescue detachment□◇▽☆, 6:20 on May 28 There were 8 cars damaged, 1 person was slightly injured, and the fire area was 30 square meters, and the house area was 150 square meters. The main leaders of the relevant departments of Xuzhou City conducted disposal at the on-site organization▽•◆. Currently☆◆□, the cause of the accident is under investigation★■△. [Editor: Tian Boqu.

Original title: Anqing Case Investigated Asian Environmental Protection Company••☆•: Tamper Automatic Monitoring Data illegal Emissions Pollutant Reporter Learn from Anqing Environmental Protection Bureau of Anhui Province, last year, Anqing Environmental Protection Bureau automatically monitored data on the ▷▲”Smart Environmental Protection” supervision platform When conducting routine, it was found that the automatic monitoring data of the Sewage Distance Sewage Sewage Sewage Sewage Data was significantly abnormal. On December 7●▽, 2017, the Anqing City Environmental Monitoring Detachment combined with ○☆”zero law enforcement action”, assaulting the Yahe Environmental Protection (Anqing) Co., Ltd=○•=., at night 23▲▷★, when law enforcement personnel arrived at the companys sewage total row automatic monitoring station When the room☆-, the automatic monitoring data was found to be tampered with. The law enforcement personnel immediately seized the fixed evidence of equipment in accordance with the law, and established a task force further investigation▪-•. This is investigated▷△, th■▪▷?

Original title: (Environment) Xiongan New District will set up a group of Lakers, Baiyangndian, the provincial-level Lake, Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, June 2 (Reporter Guo Yuru) Reporter learned from the Hebei Provincial Water Resources Department that Hebei Province has been comprehensive Established•▷, in response to the current lake of the province, the implementation of the lake head system into a comprehensive implementation of the river long system work system, and the Xiongan New District also grades the restriction of the lake□☆•▼, Baiyangndian set a provincial lake. At present, the provincial county and township in Hebei Province has established a double total river that was held by the party and government•▽. The provinces river lake grading segmentation set up 15,350 four-level river in the provincial county and township, establishing a full coverage of the river and lake. The provinces 410,000 river information publicity is all erected▷▷▲. “Hebei Province implements the implementation of guidance on the implementation of Lake Changzhi in the clothing – cna seaqual fabric recycled cotton fabric post consumer recycled polyester,