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recycled fabric manufacturer:Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Jia Pinghui: The name of the female name in the meeting does not indicate □▽▲▲”female” [observer network comprehensive report] Recently, the 13th National Peoples Congress representative, with “Waste▼★▷▽”, ◁…•”Qin” and other novels Jia Pingwa, a famous writer, revealed the motion that he was ready to submit. In addition to Qinling, ☆…”Dragon▷◆▼○”, “Dragon” is concerned, he also suggested that the female name in the meeting list should not indicate ○•◇▪”female”, because “this practice is not fair to women-▽△●.” On March 12th, “New Beijing News” with “writer must face this society” as a member of the National Peoples Congress, member of the Shaanxi Provincial Writers Association Party, Chairman=○, and Chairman of the Chinese Writer Association, Jia Pingwa Report. On March 8, the National Peoples Congress representative Jia Pinggan participated in t.

Recently, the State Councils institutional reform plan landed. Among them•□◆◇, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the National Oceanic Bureau, the National Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau, and the establishment of new natural resources◁◆▷△. The Natural Resources Department is one of the newly established State Council▪▲…, and is also the first national ministerial committee as the first national ministerial committee. According to the plan, the Natural Resources Department is responsible for supervising natural resource development and utilization and protection, establishing a spatial planning system and supervising the implementation▷□, fulfilling all kinds of natural resource asset owners of the whole people, unified investigation and authentication, and establishing a natural resource payment system , Responsible for the management of surveying and mapping and geological exploration industry△•. Hu Dunhuang photo (Source: Zhongxin.com) This department is not generally except for the original responsibilities of the Ministry of Land and Resources, this new department has also obtained the National Development and Reform Commissi▷=.

Original title: The latest•●•▼! Xian shakes, buying a house, interpretation, is suspected of destroying computer information system crime◆★▼ plastic sea! 8 people were dismissed from being avoided fabric manufactuer! The “South Changan Street No.•▪◆” incident is justified in the Sian Changan District Survey Team☆◁▷, which has just been settled in Xian City★-, China, China On the evening of May 24, online online, “South Changan Street No▪▲. 5 Some School Registration Form”=▷, the Changan District established a survey team overnight, on April 29, “South Changan The street nickname “The project shakes the number of sales processes and all-in-one investigations, according to the regulations, depending on the law. The investigation and treatment will now be notified as follows•◇▪: 1. After investigation, on April 29▪=.

Affected by the 5.7-level earthquake in Songyuan City, May 28, China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. adopts urgent measures to operate 85 货 freight on the Jingha line, Binzhou Line, and Binyi line. The train takes place to deduct measures. After inspection=-…○, it is confirmed that the line has not been affected, and the train has all restored operations, and the transport order is not affected. Railway staff has worked hard! Has always guard our peace ocean floor△•! Source△▼◁: Life News Report: Jilin Songyuan City, Guo Ros County, 5.7 earthquake seismic scene live video Native store goods scattered a city in the city to wake up the street to avoid refuge Jilin Songyuan City, the 5.7-magnitude earthquake Emergency action Harbin emergency buckle 85 trains investigate safe.microplastic.