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performance fabric:[Shu Yubi “: There are still 1 billion people in the world who have no power. Chairman Shu Yin, who said: As of now▲▽△, the national grid company invests in 7 countries and regions of energy backbone network, total assets of more than $ 65 billion, all projects Good operation▲◁●◆. At the same time, the overseas project general contracting package has accumulated 40 billion US dollars, driving Chinas equipment export to more than 80 countries and regions. There are still 1 billion people in the world that have not been powered on★◇•☆. Chinas electricity industry has significant advantages and strong international competitiveness in technology, equipment and management, which can make our positive contributions to global energy transformation and solving electricity poverty•○. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor◁…▼: Chu Xiaoh!

Original title○▼■●: Shi Jong speaks ◇★”garbage papers★•▪”☆■▽▽, “evaluation system” needs to be changed The number of new expressions in the new Beijing News, the number of academicians▲=, the quantity▪▲…◁, this is definitely the misunderstanding. ▲ Shi Yi Public Image Source: Xinjing News Ren Mengshan at a 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference We have completed in advance■▷. “However,•○▲” Some articles=□○, popular point is called garbage articles, which is purely to post▷◆•▼, this situation is too much. •▷★□”In the junction□•, there is a lot of places▷▽, but” garbage papers ” Many▼•-▷, no matter which discipline is, it is almost a consensus△□□. Why do you cause this◆▪? The most important reason is to evalua.

Original title: 38 members of Chenglong, joint proposal: Legislative punishment ●•△◁”Chinas failure◆▪▷” March 8th, 38 National Committee of Political Consultative Conference from Article 26 of the Arts Union jointly submitted a “formulation of national■●” and national ” Proposal of Dictation Specialized Law. On the morning of March 8•▲, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi responded to the media in the National Peoples Congress, how is the bad behavior of the □★◆”fine sun◇•…☆”▪○◁? He said: ◇…▲”The” Chinas failure sustainable polyester•☆▷△ recycled plastic eco-friendly workwear! “On the afternoon of March 8◆★, the 38 National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference from the 26th group of Arts Communities jointly submitted a proposal on” Developing Protection Guo and National Digital Law “. At 4 oclock in the afternoon, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Nanjing University History Department He Yunyao will solemnly hand over the proposal group and the joint signature form. China Youth Network reporter saw the signatu.

Chinas great open global great (international inline) reporter Yan Yu “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (06th Edition, 2018) Comics: Building a Good Environment, Guiuxi (Xinhua News) Station in reform and opening up 40 An important node of the anniversary, China continues to expand the open strong sound once again vibrating the international community. At the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao Forum, China President Xi Jinping issued the title “Open Creating Prosperity and Innovation Leading Leads”, which announced the major initiatives of China to expand the opening of China□○, showing Chinas willingness to cooperate with countries•●☆. Unintendent to win. The worlds second largest economy in this blood will have a greater driving force for the world development. Open independent recently, ?

Since May, China Weather Network has frequent rainstorms in the south-△, and the rainfall is significant■◇◆•. The rainfall is short and the rain is high, leading to the rise of some rivers and lakes…◇▽●, and disaster. At present●…, there have been 6 rounds of rainfall in the south, which is expected to win a new round of heavy rainfalls (May 28)•☆, and the public needs to strengthen secondary disasters that prevent multi-wheel heavy rainfall. In May, the 6-wheeled rainfall was frequently welcomed on May 27, and the South has shown a 6-round rainfall process in May 27 (May 2 to 4▷○■, May 10 to 12▪☆▷…, May 10 to 12, May From 13 to 16▽▷, May 19 to 20◇▪, May 26 to 24, May 26 to 27▲-, more innovative fabrics – seaquel.