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seaqual item:Original title: Gongfu Wen Member: It is recommended to formulate a public welfare lawsuit, supervision environmental damage compensation Jin Bailongfei entered March, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and the Deputy Director of Shaanxi Senior Peoples Court Gongfu Wen has been the busiest time in the year. The vice president of the scholar is published by two individual monographs, published more than 300 academic papers☆•, have been working on my countrys public welfare litigation for many years□▼◇●. After years of duty•△◇, his multi-piece proposals involved in this area◆■◇. He told reporters as an old member for five consecutive years, and he brought a proposal for public interest laws=□■▷. Gong Fuwen pointed out that in recent years◆□■, my countrys social environmental awareness has rapidly…□, and environmental issues have triggered the awakening of the whole people. The central government also promoted environmental protection and ecological civilization to the national development, the happiness of the peopl.

Original title: Thirty and stand in Hainan (the South South of Haihai) Haikou City Landscape▼☆•○. Chen Lei photo (the peoples vision) The words of the opening are from the sea=◆◆○, the tide of the sea. In the 30th year of the provincial office of the province•◁▲○, Hainan is passionately passionately passionately in the “海”, writing the “Spring Story” of “Spring▪-▲▪” in the country. Once closed, backward islands, now open, prosperous▽•▷△, civilized, and livable. 30 years of hard work☆▷☆▼, there are too many memories, there are too many vicissitudes of vicissitudes◇◆. Xionguanca is really as iron▽◁▲, and now step by step. Thirty and standing, the reboot of the reform is not stopped, the opening of the initial heart is not changed, with more precise, more supporting, more revolutionary measures to promote the new round of reform, Hainan is building a new era more open•●◇▽, more energetic▲★□▼, more energetic Special Zo.

The original title Zhou Qiang: Adhere to the people-oriented thinking on March 9th-●, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People, listening to the Supreme Peoples Court, Zhou Qiang on the Supreme Peoples Court Report, listened to the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianmings report on the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. The following is a live record▼•▪●: Zhou Qiang☆◆-: IV-…•◇, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, and strive to meet the increasingly growing multi-judicial needs of the people to properly hear the case of the people. The courts at all levels were reviewed 3,139▽★◆▪,100 cases, up 54.1% year-on-year. Develop judicial interpretations on labor disputes, food and drug disputes▪◇, consumer rights protection, and investigate 2.325 million pieces of relevant cases. Clear work injury identificati?

Satellite News Red Footprints Sticky North Row: The witness of Xiangjiang, although Xiangjiang has originated from Xiangnan●▼◁•, there is a Wongjiang Battle of the Central Red Army, the central Red Army. The county started the state, Xingan, and the relative position of the three counties in Irrigang, I just formed a “product” shaped Kuomintang to set the core defense in the triangle of the River, Xiangjiang, Lijiang River network▲▪•●, such as a open mouth “iron Triangle ▼□”Waiting for the Red Army to drill into the top of the Xiangjiang River, the rush, the mountains, the peaks, and the cereals is a typical karst. Although it is easy to hide, it is not conducive to the large team to quickly marching several times the enemy Red Army soldier?