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recycled nylon:Xinhua News Agency, May 28th (Reporter Guo Xiang) officially determined China Earthquake Network 124●▽●.71 degrees east. The reporter learned from the propaganda department of Songyuan Municipal Committee on the way to the scene, and the local has launched an emergency plan, and there is no casualties reported◇▽. Some people said that Songyuan City is strong△●◁★, many people have come to the street after the earthquake. Currently, local power supply is normal★▷◆, but some mobile communication networks are difficult▲•. (End) Related News: 5=△▪△.7 earthquake seismic scene in Guo Ros County in front of Jilin Songyuan City Local shop goods scattered a local dream awakened on the street to avoid refu?

Zhongxin Net Changsha May 28th (Liu Man) Hunan Provincial Private Economic United Work Conference and Private Economic High Quality Development Conference held in Changsha on the afternoon of the 28th. 30 non-public organs and new social classes◆◆, including Dai Lizhong, Cheng Yong=◆▪▷, were awarded the title of “Excellent Chinese Characteristic Socialism” in the 4th Hunan Province. In recent years, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee□○▷▼, the Provincial Government, Hunan Province has a rapid development of non-public economic economy, and has become an important foundation of stable economies, an important source of national taxation, and the importance of financial development=○. Relying, economic sustainable and healthy development is an important force in steady growth, promoting innovation, increase employmen…□=◁!

Original title: 6 people in the East China Sea Fleet promoted the rank of Naval University, 18 people promoted professional and technical school military ranks in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings strong thoughts, further stimulating the vast number of officers and soldiers love military careers, dedicating the honor of the Navy, enhancing officers and soldiers The construction of a strong sense of modern naval is responsible▪-▽. On the afternoon of March 14, the East China Sea Fleet was held in the commander of the Multi-Function Hall held a rising ceremony. The rank promotion ceremony was approved by the Navy-●◆▪. The East China Sea Fleet was promoted to the rank of the Naval University, and 18 officers were promoted to the rank of professional and technical schools. The promotion ceremony of all the staff was hosted by the Fleet Wang Huayong political commissar, and the fleet Wei Gang commander read the naval order. Wei Gang commander, Wang Huayong Political Committee awarded the order of the military officer. Fleet at the party committ?

Original title▽●★▲: big action, related to your pension headliner material◆▪□☆ water bottle – rpet fabric wholesaler,! This practice will be pushed to the country! Source◁○●◁: The Workers Daily◇▼, recently-•■☆, the Bank of China issued a notice and decided to expand the expansion of the older housing in reverse mortgage insurance to national development. Lets take a look with the workers king (ID: grrbwx). What is the elderly housing reverse mortgage insurance◁▽–? The elderly housing reverse mortgage insurance is an innovative commercial pension insurance business that combines housing mortgage and lifelong annuity insurance. That is: the elderly who owns the full property rights of the house, mortgage their real estate to the insurance company●•◁, continue to have household rights, use, revenue, and mortgage=▲◁, and receive pensions according to the agreement; the old man After that, the insurance company gets the right to mortgage property and disposa■★▽▪ technical fabric!