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hosiery textile.clean our ocean:Original title: Guangdong Disease Control: Many years of practice proves that domestic vaccine is safe and effective, it is recommended to bring children in time: Southern Metropolitan News News reporter Yang Guangxia correspondent Yumei Xin Yue Kangxins current concern of the Parents concerned about vaccine, Guangdong Disease Control Center experts responded that Guangdong did not purchase the National Drug Administration to report a hundred white-breaking vaccine involved in Changchun Changsheng Company★■-●, and the rabies vaccine notified before, there is no factory listing, so Guangdong Province There is also a rabies vaccine involved in the company. Experts from the Provincial Disease Control Center emphasized that vaccination is still the most economical, most direct and effective means of preventing diseases•=△. Many years of practice proved that domestic vaccine is safe, effective, and it is recommended that the public inoculate children on time. Guangdong has not purchased a lot of vaccin◇▲?

Original title: Sourcing: Prevention of commercialization, adult and overrunning tendencies: Gao Jian / Beijing Daily Haikou, a minor in the Internet cafe. Peoples Daily News reported on August 25th▪●, the “Regulations on the Administration of Minors▽…” (hereinafter referred to as “provisions▷▼▽■”) came in the Chinese governments legal information network. “Provisions” proposed to prevent minor programs from developing commercialization, adultization and excessive entertainment tendency○○○. It is forbidden to introduce the video games according to the “provisions”, national support, and encourage minors programs include cultivating and practicing socialist core values; promoting Chinas excellent traditional culture; guiding to establish the right world view, outlook on life▷•; Physical and mental development rules and characteristics; protect mino.

Source▪…: China Youth Net original title: Correctly grasp the basic idea of ​​socialist ideology construction □ General Secretary Cai Xin Music Pei Peis report pointed out in the 19th National Report: “Must promote the popularization of Marxism China, the construction has a strong cohesive force and The socialist ideology leading to the socialist ideology makes all the people together in the ideal belief, value concept◁…▲◇, and moral concept. ▪☆◁”This discipline has created the basic idea of ​​socialist ideology construction, in summary is around a goal I adhere to a main line, highlight two requirements▪●★▷, grasp three eye points. Around a goal: Ideological unity and unified Xi Jinping General Secretary said in the 19th National Report, such as ▼□■▼”tight unity★◆” in the Chinese nation, “like sto□■▲□.

On May 27th▪★•, OPPO officially issued a new Reno6 series mobile phone in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province=▷. The OPPO Reno6 series provides OPPO Reno6 Pro +, OPPO Reno6 Pro☆-•▪, OPPO Reno6 optional•▷○★, mainly new “Summer Qinghai” design◁■, upgrade rejuvenating video function☆•▪, and bringing a more popular game experience▽▷○. The OPPO Reno6 series is first equipped with AI rejuvenation and rejuvenation▷○▪. The global nude makeup master Bobbi Brown creates five custom makeup•◁•▽. Through ◇-★◇”Real Man Model Makeup – Pixel Cosmetic Extract – No Compressed Material Production!

Original title○★: Heze Mayor, Qijun◁□-▼, Yishan, Long, Party Secretary Wang Bengun no longer served as (resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Net Jinan March 31 Comprehensive Report of the Thirteenth Peoples Congress of Shandong Province Second Times The meeting appointed on March 29, 2018: Solving Stri Jun is the Director of the Justice Department of Shandong Province. According to the official website of Shandong Provincial Department of Justice△◁▷◆, March 30th▪◇▷△, Shandong Provincial Department of Justice held a meeting of leading cadres, at the meeting, Ma Xiaolei, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, announced the decision of the provincial party committee◇-=: Solving the Director of the Provincial Department of Justice▷…◆▪, Party Committee Secretary, Provincial Prison Authority Party Secretary, First Political Committee, Wang Bengun no longer serves as director of the Provincial Department of Justice, Party Secretary, Party Secretary of the Party Committee and First Political Committee of the Provincial Prison Administration. According to the China Economic Network Party Political Leading Peoples Library Informati recycled bottle fabric interior fabric oem fabric supplier!