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textile distributor:Original title: (Xinhua Commentary ●•-“, China-US trade friction) American toss, hurt yourself, the world Xinhua News Agency, Beijing April 9 After the US dollar, the Trump Government covered the attitude towards the traits of China, and he will say that the investigation of Chinas $ 1 billion merchandise will be given△□■, and the two sides will be in knowledge. Property rights reached an agreement “Yun Yun○▷◇,△-□○” 即 加 指 指 指 关 政 政 政 政The US dialect is unwitched◁▪■, it is tossing, it seems to be a sleepy beast in the cage▷◁●, and the left is on the left■○, hit the cage around, and must not leave. Behind the Trump Government is tossing, it is the heart struggle and confusion. It is not someone else to the Trump governments hands and fee.

China New Network Beijing May 27 (Li Jingze) China Social Sciences – Russian French University China Research Center held the “Safety and Economic Cooperation between China and Russia in Northeast Asia★▼” International Video Seminar on May 26th•-▼. Sun Zunzhi, Director of the Russian Eastern European Institute of Eastern China, made a speech by Professor Vlasov◁▽, French East University of Russia. From the Eastern European Institute of Eastern China□…☆, China Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences▲◁, China Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Fudan University, Russian Federal University▼○○■, Russian International Affairs Commission, Russian High School, Russian Academy of Sciences, World Economy And international relation•=?

China New Network on May 28, according to the official WeChat news of the National Development and Reform Commission, in order to promote the implementation of the “anti-food waste method△☆” Transportation, processing, consumer full chain saves work overall deployment. In response to the waste of food loss, the work program proposes to build a full-chain food saves management system from the Tianhe to the table■…△•. Deploy the production and increase in production•…◁■, reduce food storage, and optimize food and transportation●◇, strengthen food processing and utilization, and resolute Stop food waste, promote 40 aspects of food waste resource utilization, et.recycled nylon upcycled fabric yoga fabric supplier,