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repreve recycled polyester:China New Network May 28th (Reporter Yu Wei) Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center issued a new regulation of limited purchase restrictions, that is▲=▽, from the date, has obtained a certificate, has been signed by the net, and has obtained a housing to get a housing to obtain subscription qualifications, etc. Three cases◆●•, in the next set of queries in the second-hand purchase room-=, it is determined as the number of housing sets. Specifically, in Shanghai has obtained the issuance certificate, the network sign has been signed, and there have been three cases of the new housing to obtain the qualification qualification. When purchasing the number of second-hand housing query names, it is determined as the number of purchases△◆●. This means that once the buyers have made successful…■○, they will be included in the new housing. They are included in the name of the real estate. If the buyers have not successfully selected houses◇▼◁, the number of purchases will be “unlocked!

Original title: The national per capita holds a bank card 4▪▼•■.84 Zhang Your wallet▪▲★☆? China Peoples Bank issued an overall situation of the 2017 payment system on March 5, as of the end of 2017, the national bank card is 6693 million in the number of issues, a year-on-year increase of 9.27%★◇. The national per capita holds 4.84 bank cards◆○■, including 0.39 credit cards△–○. From the bank card type•◇△◇, the credit card is 610.5 billion, an increase of 7.87% year-on-year…▪; the credit card and borrowing card combined with a total of 588 million sheets▲△•■, a year-on-year increase of 26.35%. The number of cards in the use of issues accounts for 91.22% of the bank card in the number of issues, which has declined from the last year▼◆○. National per capita holds 4•▼○.84 bank cards, year-on-year increase 8.

Original title: Chinese Embassy in Nepal: Nepal, a passenger plane, rushing out of the runway=▽, and there is no Chinese citizen. Beijing News (Reporter Pan Jiao) today (March 12), the Beijing News reporter from the Chinese Democracy in Nepal in Nepal The Embassy Embassy in the Republic was informed that a passenger plane▽=▼•, Kathmandu Tri Biki International Airport◁★☆, rushed out of the runway•○◆, and the airport was closed◇◁☆. The Embassy staff said that some people were injured in the accident, and there were Chinese citizens on the machine. According to local media Kathmandu Post, an aircraft from Us-Bangla took an accident when landing and crashed on the east side of Terry Barban International Airport. The news shows that there is a smoke in the airport runway. According to BBC report, there are 67 passengers on the machine and some people are injured■▼▽. tod.

Original title■◁=▲: Let the water-saving become the national action on March 22nd▪◁, is the twenty-sixth ▼…”World Water Day△◁”, the first day of the thirty-first ••●”China Water Week”▷▽▪. The United Nations is determined this years “World Water Day” propaganda theme is “Borrowing Natural Power, Guarding Green Mountain◇…”•▷□▼, my country commemorating the “World Water Day▽◁=◁” and the publicity theme of “China Water Week” activities is ▽•”the implementation of national water saving action, Building a water-saving society. Solving Chinas water shortage problems, water saving is fundamental. According to statistics, in 2016◆◆, the total annual amount of water in the country was 604 billion cubic meters, and the total amount of water in the domestic product was 25.3%◇…★□. my countrys zero growth of agricultural water has guaranteed food in the year, and the economy of the economy has grown in the economy in the economy. Strictly abide by “red line-☆◆◁”, inverted water mode to change water saving, first fr.

Original title: Tibet Autonomous Region Former Consultant Committee, Cao Xu, Cao Xu, died: In Tibet, I have 30 years of outstanding party members●◁◁, loyal communist warriors, Cao Xu■□•▷, who is a communist warrior in Tibet Autonomous Region (Enjoy the presidential medical treatment of autonomous regional government) The farewell ceremony was held in Nantong City on the 27th. Comrade Cao Xu was invalid because of the disease treatment, at 12:24◁☆△□, 2018•○, Nantong City…○, Jiangsu Province•◆-, died in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province•◁, and enjoy 93 years old. After Cao Xu came to the death•★, General Secretary Xi Jinping entrusted the staff to call the phone to express condolences-●★•, and the family members of Cao Xus family were kind and sent to the basket. Wang Yang, Wang Qi Mountain★■☆, Hu Chunhua, Yang Xiaotai•◇…, Chen Xi, Chen Quan, Hu Jintao, Zhu Weiji=□, Zhang Dejiang, Li Lanqing●□, Wu Gu Zheng…•◁, Bai Madlin▲◁★, Papala Grerangjie, Yang Chu…-▷? sunbiz registration talwar hosiery industriesembroidered labels for clothes – textile testing.

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