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upcycle water bottles:Original title: The DPP said that the residence permit is “United Front•◇” National Taiwan Affairs Office■■: Smear is their natural overseas network on September 12th at 10 am on September 12, the National Taiwan Office held a routine press conference◁●▪, spokesman An Fengshan For the reception of the Taiwan residents, the response of the relevant issues were conducted on the reception of the Taiwan residents. Central Radio and Television General Taiwan Guowei, asked the spokesperson◇▽▼. For the Taiwan resident residence percent, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party claims to be a “United Front” in the mainland, affecting Taiwan ▽◇☆-“safety◁○•”, and is experimenting with the so-called “reverse Measures. What is the comment on this? An Fengshan pointed out that the publication of Taiwan resident residence is a good thing to facilitate Taiwan compatriots in mainland China. We have introduced this policy to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Taiwan Wor.

Original title: Who will supervise the national monitoring authority: Five supervision to ensure that the supervision power is not abused, General Secretary of Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that trust cannot replace the supervision, the supervision committee has expanded…◁★=, and the authority is rich□•…, and the requirements for the supervisory committee must be strict. Its strict, cautious. The monitoring authority acts as a critical organ for national monitoring, and its process of fulfilling the supervision function is also the process of exercising public power. The supervision law is not allowed to instead of supervision=△. The supervision is to support the concept of trust◇=, face the problem, reform and innovation, and stipulate a perfect supervision mechanism, and put the power to the systems cage☆▲, and resolutely prevent the “black”, let the party rest assured The discipline inspection and supervision cadres trustworthy, and the people trusts. Adhere to and strengthen the leadership and supervision of the partys anti-corruption. Supervision l?

Original title: The mayor has been discovered on August 6th▲■=◆, and the Ministry of Ecological Environment is jointly discussing the Mayor of Linyi City, the Shanxi Provincial Government of the Ecological Environment. According to the discussion, environmental monitoring is the basic work of ecological environment protection. It is an objective assessment of environmental quality status, reflecting the basic basis for the effectiveness of pollution○…=▲, environmental management and decision making▼◇, must do the monitoring, scientific monitoring▼=◆…, integrity monitoring▷=, and effectively protect environmental monitoring Data quality. However, the organizational examination of the Ecological Environment in March this year has been found that some of the 6 national control air automatic monitoring stations in Linyi City are abnormal△◇=▪, and the sampling system is subject to human interference-▪…△, and the Ministry of Public Security is transferred according to law after verification. On April 11, the Ministry of Public Security moved the case over the public security organs of Shanxi Province. Shanxi Province quickly organizes to detect•…, caug.

[2017 government debt ratio is 36.2%] Minister of Finance: As of the end of 2017, my countrys government debt balance is 29.95 trillion yuan, of which the balance of the central governments national debt is 13.48 trillion yuan, and local government debt balance is 16.47 trillion yuan▲▷★. my countrys government liability is also 36■•.2% of the proportion of debt balance divided by GDP. This ratio has declined by 36★★●.7% in 2016. According to such a ratio, our governments debt rate is lower than the so-called 60% warning lines of international community, which is also lower than other major economies and the liability levels in emerging market countries. In accordance with the provisions of the new budget■▽-▼, the issuing local government bonds are the only legal form of local governments△★…=. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh○=□.

Original title: Tang Renjian hosted the disparity of the 13th Provincial Governments 4th executive meeting to deploy the rectification of the Guanda Road Cantaha Tunnel Safety Hidden Test Motion, the deputy secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, and the governor Tang Renjian hosted the 13th Provincial Government 4th Standing meeting, arrange deployment of CCTV to reflect the safety hazard rectification work in Canto Tunneling Tunnel in Gansu Province, and identify measures to encourage professional technical personnel innovation○=◇◆. The meeting emphasized that the Fanda Road is “Poverty Alleviation Road”. After the “poor•●★” engineering quality “is reported, the problem is delayed, and the problem tunnel is still use, there is a serious safety hazard. In the Central and Provincial Party Committee▽=★◇, the provincial government three discipline transforms the style, does not push the skin, correctly treat the supervision of all parties○=, but also to the “warm heart” project that is not satisfied with the masses, b?