material consulting – recycled polyester!fashion clothing:Original title: China Air Force Multi-fighters hit the Chinese Air Force Spokes in both directions to publish news on March 25, China Air Force recently aroused – 6k, Su-30 and other multi-flying machine flying Palace ancient The Strait, the system is out of the West Pacific to carry out active military training; while tissue -6k, Su-35 and other multi-fashion machine flies to the South China Sea, implement joint battle cruise▷•. This is a pragmatic action of the Air Force to fulfill the mission of the new era and enhance the ability to win the new era△▽◁•. The Air Force Pilot, the front island chain, and the air force pilot in the South China Sea, remembering the strategic requirements of ▼▽”how to fight•□, the soldiers”◆▽, close to the mission mission to strengthen the actual military training. Multi-multi-fame flying over the Palace Ancient Strait from Western Pacific▼▼▼•, inspected to enhance the operational capability of far-sea system, in line with relevant international law a?

Original title: Hainan▽•■…: Qiongzhou Straits Guashang Sailing Train Start CCTV News: In order to cope with the impact of the South China Sea tropical low pressure. The Haikou Maritime Department decided that the Qiongzhou Strait was stopped from 15 oclock today▽◁=, and the passenger train from Hainan Island was shipped. At the same time, it is recommended that the vessels are ready to avoid the wind, and also remind relevant departments to pay attention to the prevention of peerants and geological disasters. Editor in charge: Huo .

The reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department on March 22 that Shandong improved the criminal clues of the criminal clues of the criminal clues, the public security organs were truthful and prosecuted with the crime of the crime of the black society, and the amount of one-time reward for the reporter was raised from 20,000 yuan. 50★•◆-,000 yuan. On March 21st, the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on the revision of the “Mandarin” of the Crime of the Crime of the Crime of Crimes in Shandong Province. The amendment is: ▲▪”The Measures●▽◁▼”△▼▲★, will “revise the=★” revised “for in-depth promotion of the provinces black and evil special struggle◆▪•” to deepen the provinces anti-evil special struggle “;” Measures =◆”Article 1 , Revise it to ◆■”the public security organ verification is true and the prosecution of RMB is 50▲•◇•,000 yuan☆★●” with the crime transfer of the black society-☆. Remaind○▷.

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