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ocean floor.upcycling plastic bottles:Original title: Peoples Congress representative Zhang Na East Recruitment: Three ways to relieve the packaging pollution source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · Viewing News (Reporter Wen Rujun) Today▼▷▷, the National Peoples Congress, Chairman Zhang Jindong●■★☆, the interview with reporters◁◇▼, express delivery Packaging waste pollution is increasingly serious, he suggests that the green packaging regulations for express delivery industry as soon as possible. As a helmmer of private retail enterprises◁•★○, Zhang Ni East passed the development of development, with the rapid development of e-commerce, express packaging△▷, take-away packaging, and followed waste pollution situation, promoting express packaging and reduction production and recycling◁■, It is already a general trend. In this regard▲-■▼, Zhang Nao East suggested that the express packaging pollution from three levels▽◁▲•, including the relevant standards and laws and regulations of the express delivery industry green packaging○◁, improve practicality and operati!

Original title: Ni Jingjing, CPPCC▼◁-: Incorporate the elderly education into the basic public education. Ni Jianjing Committee: Incorporation of the elderly education into basic public education▼△. At present, my country has entered the aging society, the elderly, the demand for the elderly★●◇, and medical needs have triggered social attention◆△, but The demand for strong education is not given enough attention. Ni Yajing, deputy director of the National Committee of China and Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, said that his proposal this year is that the government has increased its investment and practical implementation of the old-age education development plan previously promulgated◇★▪☆. It is understood that my countrys 60-year-old population is more than 220 million, it is expected that the senior population will reach 243 million in the elderly in 2020, and the growth rate is 1▷=□.5 times faster than other countries. my countrys old-age education has experienced more than 30 years of development, currently at all leve?

Zhongxin Net Wuhan May 27th (Li Zongwu Liu Yanyu) Hubei Provincial Public Security Department held a news ventilation meeting on the 27th◁▼○▽, and inform us that the provinces public security organs mute case investigation◁★=, and 10 major murder cases of wanted wanted in the escape. The picture shows Jingzhou Honghu Citys murder case suspect Zhang Zhiye Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau for the picture shows the murder case suspect in Wuhan City, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for the picture, is a criminal suspect in Shiyan City, the suspect, Dingbenjin▷-☆, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department•=□▷. The picture shows Wuhan Huangqi District murder case suspect Ye Chaugui Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for the picture shows Huangshi Daye Citys murder case suspect Wu Yongping Hubei Provincial Public Security Department for Tutu is a suspect in Fancheng District, Fuyang Cit brushed cotton fabric muslin cotton fabric single flannel sheets sweater fabric!