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litter in the ocean:Original title: Turkey, a hotel response “CCTV4 country logo non-five red flag▲△▲■”: TV system issues have been revised to Xinyang News (Reporter Pan Jiao Ji Huang Yangkun) March 26 Park Dedeman Levent, the national flag of CCTV4 (CCTV4 Chinese International Channel) on the TV in the room is not a five-star red flag…▼★. When Beijing time was nearly 20, the hotel responded to the Beijing News reporter, and the TV system problem was currently corrected▽●▲. Mr★■. Shi Shi tells the Beijing News reporter■☆◁, on March 10, I went to the Turkish capital Istanbul, I booked the local Lewent Deman Hotel online (Park Dedeman Leven◇▽△.

The court is to hear the case, and the high law reported to be seen from the perspective of the Court. This years high law reported•▽••, not a years case●■◆, but five years. What is the five years? The Supreme Court accepted 82△•=,383 cases, reviewing 79,692 pieces, rising by 60.6% and 58.8.8% respectively. Local courts accepted 8896◆•.7 million cases of cases, a concluding, and 85984,000 pieces△●◇…, and the amount of closed standard was 20▽○◆.2 trillion yuan▽□▼□, a year-on-year increase of 58.6%, 55.6% and 144▲…◁★.6%. In so many cases, what is the relationship with the country, society, the people? For example: In the past five years, the courts at all levels have reviewed 5.489 million pieces of criticism, and sentenced 60.7 million criminals-▲○☆, ensuring social stability, and the people live togethe.

The original title National Peoples Congress representative Ye Lu: It is recommended to set up a large-scale mountain green development demonstration area ○=●”The Government Work Report made by the general banner is the report of high quality development. It is also a report of the peoples livelihood.=▽” National Peoples Congress, Luan City In the statement of the National Two Sessions, the report puts the reappearance of the poverty attack in an important position. As a representative from the National Peoples Congress from the Luan Revolution, he has heard the inspirational spur and deep sense of responsibility▪•. Representative of the National Peoples Congress, the May Long Ye Lei in Luan City, in the future, there are several recommendations in Ye Lei: “The six security domains are included in the reform of the rural homestead system△○■.” According to Ye Li=•, 2015, Luan Jin Zhai County is listed as a national reform pilot in the country of rural homestead, and it has achieved remarkab.

Original title-☆○☆: Li Wen exclusive writer Dad Li Wei◁▼, this life is very exciting, I am a legend, I am happy with Dad, Li Wei: Overbearing▷◁☆☆, Friday, but also and delicate “China News Weekly•–” special writing / Li Wen This article was first on the 845th “China News Weekly” My Dad Li Wei died in brain cancer on March 18, 2018. Since the living environment in his disease needs to be absolutely cleaned△▽-, the entrant needs to disinfect, I am not kept by him. Revereded, I finally saw him again▪◇☆▪, or in 2005 he went to Peking University to speech, and the last time and Dad chatted, it was in 2014. At that time△•, he told me■◇◇, be careful when in mainland power rights, because I am a little white rabbit=▽▷▽, he is an old fox, he is …▷▷”making money▽▲”, b.