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environmental goal:Original title: Adhere to the realization of the “Dual Tracking of the Peninsula” Dual Traffic △◆=○”Local Time, April 5, 2018◁△▽△, Chairman Xi Jinping, the State Council and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the Russian Foreign Minister Lav Rov, T•▷▼…. reporter◆◆. A reporter asked Wang Yi to see the next Korean peninsula and the role that Sino-Russia can play■□☆. Wang Yi said that China and Russia were neighbors of the Korean Peninsula, and the Member States of the Six-Party Talks, the peace and peace of the peninsula were closely related to the interests of the Sino-Russian interests. In the past years, China and Russia coordinated with each other, and made unremitting efforts to promote peaceful solutions of the peninsula■◁▷•, develop real-feasible roadmaps. Just now△▽, I have exchanged advice on the latest changes of the Foreign Minister of Lav Rov▷▼, forming a new consensus. We all welcome and suppo.

Original title: Peoples Daily Editorial: Providing a strong constitutional guarantee for national rejuvenation This is the general trend of the times▼-▲, the needs of career development◇▷△, and the party is in the hearts of the party. Jiu Dingzhen, Bailian. The first meeting of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress has passed the draft constitutional amendment○-•▪. This is the general move of the times, the peoples heart needs▪■, the partys heart is, is a major initiative to promote the national governance system and the modernization of national governance systems and the modernization of the national governance system▽○. The significant role is to provide a strong constitutional guarantee for the “two-year-old” struggle and the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation•▪▽-, which has a strong constitutional guarantee○◁☆, and has a major practical significance and profound history. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that insisting on governing the country according to law☆△▼…, we must first insist on governing the country…☆, insist ▼-▽.

Original title: This ironfriend is two months later. After two months, the Source-△…○: Dazhou News According to media news•□, Wang Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security, has served as deputy secretary of the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, and adjusted to the deputy director of the management of daily work, and it was clearly a positive level Dashibai News (WeChat ID: Dabaixinwen) learned that this is the second position change since Wang Xiaoyang this year●•, and the second place in the official website of the public security department. It is reported that the Director of the Iron Face is a policeman character=◇☆◁, which is concerned about the attention of Zhengzhou …•◆◇”Royal No○☆△□. 1◁★•” nightclub. Wang Xiaoyang visited the Haidian Branch because of the public and injured police Wang Xiaoyang, the deputy secretary of the Ministry of Public Security recently, the media found that the public security departments official website leader updated again▷◆■■. It is worth noting that Wang Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security, forward movemen.

Original title: Official release: Qinghai Golmud, Deduha excellent leader was suspended on March 17, the Hydropower Water Conservancy Planning and Design Affairs Office issued a notice▼-★, and suspend Qinghai Golmud, Drescenta photovoltaic power generation application according to the relevant requirements of the National Energy Administration Base construction, relevant application materials shall be sealed according to law. The full text is as follows: All relevant enterprises: In order to implement the construction of photovoltaic power generation leading base construction, maintain the seriousness▪•◇, effectiveness of the base construction policy▪◆◆, promote the improvement of photovoltaic power business, the construction of the social integrity system, and ensure the smooth development of the construction base, according to the country The relevant requirements of the Energy Administration, the relevant matters related to Golmud, Deloha photovoltaic power generation applications are as follows○•■: First, in confirmation of Golmud, Deling Harcelon-racing base is levied according to the provincial governme.