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eco friendly fabric:Jiao Yulu: The good example of the county party secretary (struggling to settle the new journey of the 100-year road, the number of romance people) Jiao Yulu was elected “100 new China in the founding of China□…▽•”▪■◆•. Won the title of “the most beautiful struggle•◇•◁”. Jiao Yulu lived in this world for a short 42 years■▽☆, but I touched a few generations of Chinese. In the Jiao Yu Lulling Garden, located in Luolu, Henan Province, from all over the country, the people who went to remember to remember ..◁…•▲. Jiao Yulu▽•, born in Beishan Village△●•, Zibo City, Shandong Province, January 1946, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1946. In June 1953☆☆, the Luoyang Mining Machinery Manufacturing Factory participated in industrial construction, and he served as director of the workshop and the length of the department. 1?

China Xinwang on May 28, according to Russian satellite network★△▽, US Secretary of Defense said on the 27th that the US military has a slight advance from the Afghanistan. According to reports○☆…■, Austin said at the US Congresss hearing on the military expenses of the 2022 fiscal year: “The progress of the withdrawal is indeed prorse●◁★.” However, he did not explain whether the Pentagon is expected to complete the withdrawal before September 11th. At the meeting, Austin also said that the US Department of Defenses $ 715 billion budget will include helping the military to develop methods to prevent the Afghan terrorist organizations. The US commander said that after the US military evacuated, they will monitor and counterattack base organizations from Afghanista-▪•.

Original title: Let each of the roses can enter the Yanggou (Peoples Forum) In October 1919, the “Juvenile China” magazine founded by Li Dazhao and others published an article. The author feels that the modern woman is oppressed ◆……”has arrived” “Where there is a sense of conscious woman=★, do not re-hide the name, the shame, not daring to come out and struggle with the darkness.••” In the past few years, the authors feelings also become history over time▪△•. The situation in which women ★▷”cant unknto the pot, cant speak on the stage,” can not be staged, ▲◆★◆”replaced, is the belief and practice of” women can top half the sky “. Turn your eyes to the two sessions being held■■. From the proposal of the “Pulling Dirt Aromatherent…▲” proposal to transfer the people of the people, to win the police flowers of all parties with serious responsibility attitu.

Original title: Zhang Xiaoping served as the Secretary-General of Jiangxi Provincial Government to commit a list of economic daily – China Economic Net Nanchang April 2 Comprehensive Report on April 2nd, Jiangxi 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Second Meeting in Nanchang Hold a second plenary meeting. The conference vote decided to appoint lists through the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress, decided to appoint 20 new provincial government to form a department…▲: Zhang Xiaoping is the Secretary-General of the Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government□-▲; Zhang Qi is director of the Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission…○◆◆; Yang Guiping is Jiangxi Province Industrial and Information Director of the Committee-◆; Ye Renyi is a long guide for the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education△◇★•; Xie Guanghua is a long; Liu Jin is a long; Wang Guoqiang is the director of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Justice; Liu Sanqiu is Jiangxi Province Resources and soci.